Hey there. 👋🏾 I’m Kendall Trammell, and my pronouns are she, her and hers.


I’m a global digital programming producer at CNN, based in its Atlanta headquarters. I tell stories about what's happening right now and amplify them across digital platforms — desktop, mobile, apps, push alerts, emails (the list goes on and on). I deliver the news to a worldwide audience after testing multiple headline variants and obsessing over the perfect image. I use technology to make stories more informative, more accessible and more engaging.


Education has always been a cornerstone in my life.


My father taught me the game of football. So in the fall, you can find me cheering on my alma mater, the University of Georgia, and the first team I was taught to love, the Buffalo Bills. My mother taught me about my Vietnamese heritage. While I’m not fluent in the language like she is, I’m proud to celebrate the culture every day.


Through conversation, travel and media, I continue my education on the world around me, so that I can share that knowledge and empathy with others.

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